Saturday, July 25, 2009

USCF Moves to Ban GM Susan Polgar

The Executive Board held a snap meeting in early July and passed a motion in "open session" to begin the process of suspending the USCF memberships of Susan Polgar and Paul Truong. SP and PT have 30 days to respond; then the EB will take final action. SP and PT may appeal this termination of their USCF memberships to the Delegates at the annual meeting next month.

This means that Susan will not be allowed to play in any USCF tournaments. Her FIDE status may be affected; it is unclear whether she may be banned from world chess altogether. Of immediate importance, as non-members, Susan and Paul will be removed from the EB without the Goichberg faction having to go to the trouble of recall votes at the Delegates Meeting and then to the membership.

The timing here allows the EB to oust them just after the annual Delegates meeting, forcing them to wait a full year before their appeal can be heard.

This action is unprecidented in USCF history. Past players have been expelled for cheating, either as players or as tournament officials, but never over political differences.

On the lawsuit front, a mediation session is scheduled next week. This action may be designed to put additional pressure on SP and PT in that.

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